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E-Shift Actuator "GT"

E-Shift Actuator "GT"

Compact and ultra-light high-performance e-actuator to be mounted directly onto the selector barrel.

With the E-Shift Actuator "GT", MEGA-Line RACING ELETRONIC once again redefines the state of the art of modern gearshift systems!

Like its sibling, the E-Shift Barrel OEM, the E-Shift Actuator GT is an e-motor powered direct drive gearbox barrel actuator.


Besides replacing all pneumatic gearshift components incl. piping, also the ratchet mechanism of the sequential gearbox becomes obsolete by utilizing the E-Shift Actuator "GT".

Considering the unit weight of only approx. 850g, the aggregated system weight is likely less than the standalone gearbox weight incl. ratchet.


Besides this significant weight reduction the E-Shift Actuator GT offers several new features and benefits over any pneumatic gearshift system:

• Significantly increased position accuracy

• Possibility to achieve a neutral position between each gearpair (for easy disengagement of the drivetrain e.g. for coasting etc.)

• Different shift strategy per gearpair (e.g. to address high rotational speed differences)


The intelligent actuator includes active motor position control as well as the gear-pot (for additional weight- as well as cost-reduction).

All relevant communication with the engine ECU is realized via CAN with an optional hard-wired "UP" and "DOWN" input available for use.

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219-151-01111999E-Shift Actuator "GT"...load datasheet...note this product