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Clutch Paddle "GT"

Clutch Paddle "GT" - analog

Analog paddle to be mounted on the steering wheel for precise control of electric clutch actuators

Technical description:


The clutch paddle represents the human-mechanical interface for the control of suitable electric clutch actuators.

The paddle has been designed and developed for an optimized control of the MEGA-Line E-Clutch "OEM", but can be used also for any other suitable actuator.

It is normally mounted on the steering wheel, but also other mounting positions are generally possible as long as a suitably sized and flat surface available.


The clutch paddle "GT" provides an analog output between 0,5 and 4,5 V for a seamless control of suitable actuators.


The paddle has been designed for easy adaptation of the paddle shape and size by making it exchangable via only two screws. The clutch paddle "GT" is normally delivered with a standard paddle shape as shown, but other shapes and sizes are available on request or could be done according to customers needs.


The paddle design also focuses on a symmetric shape, allowing a free orientation by the availablitity of 5 optional ways of cable exit.

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